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About Us


WatchTimen was found in New York in 1999 by Ebner Publishing Group so Ulm, Germany. Ebner is a leading publisher and publisher of consumer magazines in Europe. WatchTime has parallel whenever fortnightlies if cutting-edge ect Germany, Poland, Korea, Japan, China, and India.


Since its launch, so WatchTime has become America’s number one global authority so and watch more magazines. Written for you who if want to watch a good watch. Watches are an increasingly important accessory. if  It has become an important thing, more such as a car, a prestigious property with good design so and technical features if that evoke lifestyle and attitude. WatchTime’s mission is to explore and if celebrate the beautiful bells and see the culture. Our magazine (and watchtime.com) includes all items of Haute Horlogerie: watch yourself if companies and countries that create if and an inspection community that designs, manufactures, transports, and appreciates.

WatchTime is published:

WatchTime publishes monthly by a so team of American and European watch suppliers and experts. Each edition offers a balanced mix of informative articles and if entertainment for if the uninitiated and covers a variety of topics:

variety of topics

  • Specific watch reviews;
  • Objective example;
  • Detailed reports on if watch technology, design, and history;
  • View company profiles;
  • Provocative interviews with prominent indigenous peoples, so such as film, television, and feather sports commercials, collectors, and powerful players in the spectacle industry;
  • Interesting and unusual if articles from around the world and more.
  • All of this is complement by the finest if hour photography.

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