Types of watch

Watch Fashion

Types of watch


The watch fashion is design to meet the different needs and goals of the consumer market. There are many companies that range in design from classic to modern.They may also vary from copyright, which is of higher quality but which is more expensive than trademarks.

Most  watch produce today can be functional and fashionable at the same time. Watch fashion are classified according to different characteristics. These are some of the features that will help you choose the type of watch that best suits your needs.

Watch movement:

Mechanical – These types of watches are dependent on current temperature, position, and magnetism. They use a flywheel and spring to regulate the movement of the clock, similar to the mechanism of a pendulum clock. These types of movements are less precise and expensive, which is why they are rarely use today.

Electronic – Also known as a quartz movement, which uses replaceable quartz batteries to power. A more advanced technology called Swiss quartz, on the other hand, uses electronic energy for clockwise movement.

Automatic – These are the latest innovations for the watch. Meaning they are power by your body movement rather than a battery.

Caliber composition automatic watch:

If you select an automatic watch , these types of movements are classified into two: automatic caliber and standard automatic. The caliber reflects the precision of your watch, so the larger the caliber, the more accurate (and more expensive) your watch will be.

Analog screen  an Arabic numeric dial with two hands, one for the hour hand and one for the minute. Most watches with quartz watch fashion have an analog display.

Features and applications of watch:

These are for professional divers who not only need a waterproof watch, but also one that will also withstand pressure while diving in the sea. In general, watches with more than 100 meters of water resistance are those used for diving.

These are the watches that are generally shockproof, can withstand certain weather conditions such as extreme humidity, and offer sports-like features. A stopwatch.

Luxury Watches – Loaded With High Price

Classic / Casual – These watches can come with braided leather or metal straps on stainless steel frames. Metal straps can be silver or gold, which is more suitable for business leaders. while leather straps are more suitable for a casual lifestyle / occasion.


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